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Blog Profile: New Sales Economy Blog

Sometimes it seems like the world of sales is moving so fast, it’€™s hard to keep up. How can you be sure that your company is taking advantage of the advances and innovations that Sales 2.0 is bringing to the industry when it moves so fast? A blog like the New Sales Economy Blog is just what you’€™re looking for.

new sales economyThe New Sales Economy Blog is written by Chad Levitt, who has a long background in sales strategy. The blog itself focuses on sales technology, social media and inbound marketing as part of a company’€™s sales strategy and can provide any company officer or business manager with the tips needed to grow a business effectively.

The blog is full of tips and insights into selling techniques and has a blogroll of most popular posts, including ‘€œ11 Sales Tips for Cold Calling and Prospecting’€ and ‘€œSales 2.0 — Marketing and Sales Unite to Increase Revenue.’€ Levitt also interviews people who are leaders in the sales industry and who can provide insights into innovations that are coming in sales techniques.

Times have definitely changed, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. If you want your company to be ahead of the curve, check out the New Sales Economy Blog. It will help you get into a position where you can take advantage of the innovations and ideas in the sales industry.