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B2B Sales Tips: Using Mobile Technology

The changes in mobile technology are important for all the departments at your company, not just marketing. B2B sales will change as mobile technology advances and more businesses see the advantages of using mobile devices and business apps in the sales process. Some of your employees may be a little leery of the changes mobile technology can bring, but there will always be a place for the human element when it comes to B2B sales. Here are some sales tips on managing mobile technology in a B2B sales setting.

b2b sales tipsNo. 1: Know what you’€™re using.
Whether you’€™re using a catalog app like Padalog to sell your business to your clients or some other presentation app, make sure that you are familiar with the hardware and software before you try to use it. While mobile technology tends to

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be very easy to use, you still want to be familiar and have your sales pitch prepared as well as you did before you used an iPad for sales. Run through your presentation, make sure your mobile technology is in top shape, and have backups available in case something goes wrong.

No. 2: Take advantage of business apps.
If you’€™re using a catalog app for sales presentations, you’€™re familiar with what an iPad can do. But remember that administrative tasks are easy to take care of with the best iPad business apps that are available. After making a presentation, don’€™t put the tablet computer down and start working with pen and paper. There are apps that generate contracts and invoices, or that can easily share the documents you generate back in the home office. Track your time and expenses with other iPad business apps as well.

3. Use the iPad as a sales tool.
In a B2B sales environment, your image as a sales person counts for a lot. Did you know that companies that use iPads for sales tools are often seen as more dynamic, progressive and responsive than other companies? People are still interested in tablet computers, and when you go to a B2B sales meeting and make a presentation on the iPad, people will notice. Don’€™t be embarrassed or feel like it’€™s a gimmick. The iPad is a legitimate sales tool that people will want to look at and use — and learn about your company as they do it.

4. Stay human.
Yes, all this shiny and fun mobile technology is dazzling. But when it comes down to it, sales are still made with a handshake, and the human connection is what you will be building on in your B2B sales meetings. Remember that the iPad is simply a tool, not a replacement for forging relationships and solving problems. Using the iPad as a B2B sales tool can make good sales people great, but it would be difficult to replace salespeople themselves.

Using the iPad or other tablet computer in sales presentations is a great way to make your B2B sales meetings more engaging. How does your company use iPads in B2B sales?

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