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Yearly Archives: 2011

Which Tablet For Your Business? Things To Consider

Did you know that there are nearly 100 tablets on the market right now? If your business is considering tablets, that can seem overwhelming, but you’€™d probably be hard pressed to name more than four or five. The tablet market is clearly booming, and a lot of companies are trying to get in on the [...]

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Business Survey: More Tablets!

A new survey shows that almost 75 percent of small and medium-sized businesses will probably purchase tablets in the next year, with the majority of the businesses buying iPads. If your business hasn’€™t considered tablets yet, or if your business is interested in reaching other businesses through apps, this is important news. The NPD Group‘€™s [...]

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Does Your Company Need An App Cooker?

In the hyperfast business of app development, it was only a matter of time before apps became self-referential: there’€™s now an app to help you build an app. App Cooker from French company Hot Apps Factory helps companies make sure their apps have what it takes to make it big. With the amount of vigorous [...]

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Tablet Sales Expected To Grow Even More

Strong holiday sales and news of new products make most industry analysts think that tablet computing will really hit its stride in the coming year and that businesses will become more adept at using and selling on tablets. The move to mobile devices and cloud computing indicates solid growth for the tablet market in the [...]

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Keeping Business Information And Technology Secure

Technology security company McAfee released its 2012 threat prediction list recently, and there are several items on there that have to do with mobile devices. Companies and consumers who are relying more on mobile devices to do business will be facing new threats in the coming years. Some of the items McAfee mentioned include Mobile [...]

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Business Rumors: Will Apple Ever Release A 7-Inch Tablet?

Apple rumors always surround the company. Even though there have been reports and rumors about a prototype, it sounds like Apple will not be releasing a 7-inch tablet in 2012. The original 7-inch tablet was meant to be like a jumbo iPod Touch or a smaller iPad, but it looks like Apple is focusing on [...]

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Calendar Apps For Your Business

It can take a few times to try different calendar apps until you find the one you want. People organize their lives according to their own idiosyncrasies, and a calendar that works for you might not work for others. The calendar app that comes preloaded no matter what platform you’€™re using will probably end up [...]

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Mobile Marketing Business Trends To Watch

As we move toward the end of the year, prognosticators are already trying to figure out what the next big thing in sales and mobile marketing will be for next year. Mobile devices are clearly here to stay, and the power they have to drive sales is only growing. In fact, many analysts feel that [...]

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Buying Mobile: What Does It Mean For Your Company?

New numbers are in about December sales made on mobile devices, according to a new study. The study by RichRelevance said that in December, iPhones and iPads accounted for more than 92 percent of mobile purchases that aren’€™t made on a desktop device. This was up from 88 percent in April. Not only that, but [...]

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How To Pick The Best iPad Apps For Business

If you’€™ve taken the plunge and now have an iPad, you may feel overwhelmed about the number of lovely apps out there that seem to promise to increase your sales productivity, effortlessly organize your documents, take and collate photos of your entire family, and entertain you on the weekends. But hold up! There is a [...]

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