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Three B2B Sales Tips For Using the iPad

Using the iPad as an outside salessales tips ipad tool has made big changes in the world of sales. It’€™s a powerful  sales tool that can revolutionize the way you interact with your B2B clients. As you incorporate more mobile technology on your sales staff, you’€™ll find that using the iPad as a B2B sales tool brings a lot of advantages. In order to get the most out of your tablet computer, follow these sales tips during the sales meeting.

Know what you’re doing.
Tablet computers are intuitive, easy-to-use items — but you and your sales staff need to know what they can do before you head out on your sales meetings. Mobile technology changes quickly, and so you have to stay as up to date as possible when using the iPad for sales. Schedule some training for yourself and your team, and research tips and tricks for using the iPad as a sales tool. Knowing as much as you can about it will help make you a more effective sales person.

Get the best.
Using the best iPad business apps will help you get the most out of your iPad as a sales tool. Pick out the best versions of catalog apps, calendar apps, collaboration apps and other business apps to turn your iPad into a business machine. You will need research the best iPad apps for business to find out what will work best for your company. Not only that, some employees may find that certain business apps are more useful to them than others. If you want to coordinate apps across your company’€™s mobile technology, do so, but also be aware that some employees may find other business apps that work well for them.

Learn new techniques.
Sales presentations used to have a very top-down feel to them, but selling on the iPad makes it possible to have more customer-driven, organic business presentations. Let your B2B customers hold the iPad themselves and work their way through your presentation in order to immerse themselves in the experience. Use your iPad as a way to bring people to you, instead of hiding behind a laptop. Remember that the rules change when you use an iPad as a sales tool, so be ready for just about anything.

How does your company use the iPad as a B2B sales tool?

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How To Make Your B2B Sales Presentation Interesting

Using an iPad for B2B sales presentationsis a great way to reach your audience. More companies are looking to use mobile technology to boost productivity and sales, and the iPad and other tablet computers are obvious choices. Tablet computers are really coming into their own as more people use them to make sales presentations. It makes interactive with your B2B customers and clients easy and engaging. Knowing the advantages of using an iPad for B2B sales presentations can help you get the most out of this business tool. Here are three ways to make your business presentations more interesting.

b2b business presentationLose the text.
No one wants to sit there and be walked through a wall of text. And printing off your slide show and handing it out before your presentation is a great way to ensure people won’€™t give you their full attention during your B2B presentation. Why should they? You’€™ve done all the work for them. Instead, look for ways that your business presentation can shine. Using a catalog app, for example, is an effective way to keep your B2B presentation interesting. In fact, you can let your audience drive the presentation themselves if you want — a catalog app like Padalog is interesting and intuitive enough that people can use it instantly.

Make it a conversation.
While you’€™re making a presentation, open it up. Make it a two-way street. B2B relationships go both ways, and B2B sales presentations are no different. Solicit questions and ask questions yourself. Find common ground and look for ways to make the presentation more collaborative. The iPad can certainly help with that — handing it around draws your audience into your circle physically and mentally. Whatever you do, don’€™t approach it as a teacher-to-student presentation.  Ask questions, look for give-and-take and find ways to get everyone involved.

Inform, don’€™t overwhelm.
Lose the jargon and don’€™t try to blanket your audience with stats. It can be tempting to swoop in, show how much of an expert you are, and pile on the studies and evidence that supports your position. But that’€™s not what makes a B2B presentation effective. Instead, talk about the problem they have that you can solve, and tell them how you will solve it. You’€™re building a relationship, and your personal skills — not cold logic — will be a big help in closing your sale.

Using an iPad for a B2B business presentation give you an advantage and make it easier to incorporate sales tips. Does your sales team use a tablet computer for B2B presentations?

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Who Needs The Best iPad Business Apps?

Who needs the best iPad apps for business? When it comes down to it, almost everyone at your company can find a way to use the best business apps for the iPad to become more efficient or productive. Mobile technology has made it easier for your employees to get more done, or to even become a mobile workforce if you decide that would work best for your business. Take a look at your employees and see where using mobile technology and the best iPad business apps could make a different. Here’€™s a list to get you started.

ipad apps for businessB2B sales
People involved in B2B sales have found that using iPad business apps help them build business relationship and manage multiple customers. In addition, business apps can help your mobile sales force generate expense reports, draw up contracts, and manage sales databases, all on their tablet computers. A B2B sales app like Padalog can help them be better sales people as well.

Mobile technology has made mobile workforces more popular, but you still need someone to manage them. Collaboration apps make it possible for managers to compile data, share files, edit documents and work with spreadsheets generated by people far from the home office. As managers use their tablet computers to keep track of their mobile employees, they’€™ll find that the best business apps can help.

Business presentations
Your B2B sales staff may be making business presentations on the iPad, but anyone else who has contact with the public can as well. Make sure each iPad has your company’€™s catalog app on it, and anyone who uses the iPad can quickly boot up an interactive catalog that can serve well as a do-it-yourself business presentation. Mobile technology makes it possible for any employee to sell anywhere at any time.

Support staff
Whether they’€™re working customer service or in the warehouse, many of your employees can use mobile technology to work more efficiently and effectively. Use iPad business apps to share information with other departments, keep track of inventory and orders, generate weekly or monthly reports about supplies or invoices, and track customer service issues.

It’€™s not just your sales staff who can use the best iPad business apps. How does your company use the iPad for business?

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Using A Catalog App For Outside Sales

While many companies think of the catalog app as a mobile marketing tool, it’€™s also an excellent outsides sales app for the iPad. Different sales apps have different purposes, but a catalog app like Padalog is a great help for B2B outreach and outside sales. As you consider the best iPad business apps and different types of mobile technology to boost your business, consider the catalog app and what it can do for your company. Here are some examples.

catalog app outside salesSales meetings and business presentations
When your sales team uses a catalog app on sales calls, they’€™ll be able to share information about your product or service in meeting with almost anyone — decision makers, one-on-one, in large groups and so on. B2B sales meetings is where the iPad really shines as a sales tool, and when you have an excellent catalog app like Padalog, talking about your business has never been easier.

Trade shows
Trade shows are places where pamphlets and brochures go to die. Instead, outfit your sales people with tablet computers and catalog apps. Many sales tips for the iPad address using them at trade shows — people love looking at tablet computers, and having an easy-to-use catalog app will get them interested with your company quickly and easily. Tablet computers easily bring people together because they are so interactive and fun to use. Follow the best sales tips by letting people hold the iPad themselves and go through the catalog app.

Out and about
Any time someone asks about your company, it’€™s easy to pull out your iPad and show them what your business is all about with a catalog app. Tablet computers are easy to share and don’€™t create a virtual wall the way a laptop does, and mobile sales teams find that people naturally reach out to them when they use their iPads for business. Having a catalog app ready to go makes it natural to share information about your company, no matter where you are.

Outside sales are a natural for catalog apps. Does your company use a catalog app for outside sales?

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Preparing Your Mobile Workforce For New Technology

Many companies are taking advantage of mobile technologymobile technology workforce to transition to a mobile workforce. You might already have employees who sometimes work remotely, but switching to an entirely mobile workforce can really energize your company. It’€™s a big change, though, and you may hit some resistance from your employees. Follow these tips to smooth the way for adapting more mobile technology at your company.

Explain the benefits.
The advantages of mobile technology are clear: Switching to a mobile workforce can save the company money and boost productivity. But there are advantages for the employees as well — many mobile employees reports a higher morale than their desk-bound co-workers. Flexibility is also a popular benefit. All in all, working remotely is often seen as a perk.

Let them know what’€™s happening.
When you add mobile technology to your workforce, your employees are likely to be excited and interested in what you’€™re offering. Tablet computers are seen as a status symbol and once they see it’€™s actually happening, they’€™ll want to know what the timeline is for making the switch. Open and honest communication is key at this stage.

Train them on their new tools.
While tablet computers like the iPad are built to be intuitive, you’€™ll still want to make sure your employees are familiar with the best iPad business apps. Training won’€™t take a long time, but you want to ensure that everyone is on the same page on how to use this new mobile technology.

Stand back and let them work.
Mobile technology means that your employees will be able to work almost anywhere, anytime. Let them do that. Flexibility might mean something different to them that it does for you, so make sure work expectations are clear, but then see how they do their jobs. Your employees will find more efficient ways of working as they use new mobile technology, and will likely exceed your expectations.

Are you considering a mobile workforce? What mobile technologies will you be using?

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Benefits Of An Outside Sales App

If you’€™re working outside sales, have you considered using a sales app? Using an iPad sales app for outside sales can make a big difference for your company, no matter what size it is or what industry you’€™re in. Outside sales apps can help your company grow revenue and retain customers without a lot of extra work or expense. If you’€™re taking advantage of mobile technology to help your business, don’€™t forget to consider an outside sales app. Here’€™s why.

  • outside sales appNo matter how talented your sales team is, outside sales apps can make them even better. A catalog app like Padalog is an excellent outside sales app, because it compiles all of your sales information in one handy app. Take your paper catalog, brochures, company literature and pamphlets and include all the copy and photos — and more! — in a catalog app to use for outside sales. Having everything in one easy-to-use app can give your sales staff more time to focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • An outside sales app reflects well on your company. Customers are impressed by businesses that use the iPad as a sales tool; it’€™s seen as a status symbol. If you have a dedicated outside sales app as well, that makes your company look modern and responsive. Outside sales apps that you can share with your customers will also be a constant presence on their mobile devices, giving them a chance to tell others about your company.
  • An outside sales app like a catalog app can also be useful for other departments. Your marketing team can use a catalog app as a premium for signing up. Your customer service department can use it to check that what a customer ordered is what they got. Order fulfillment can use it to cross-reference inventory as needed. For as much use as your company gets out of an outside sales app, it’€™s possible to use it inside the company as well.

Does your company have an outside sales app? What does it use it for?

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Six Tips For Using The iPad As A B2B Sales Tool

The iPad has become a useful B2B sales tool and can really change the way your employees meet with customers. When the members of your sales staff use the best iPad business apps to sell, they’€™re taking advantage of mobile technology to reach people in new and exciting ways. Use these B2B sales tips to make sure you and your employees are getting the best out of using the iPad as a sales tool.

  1. b2b sales tips on the ipadBe familiar with what your iPad business apps can do. For example, if you are using a catalog app for B2B sales, make sure your employees are familiar with its features and options. They’€™ll be able to share its highlights quickly and easily, and find information as they need it.
  2. Keep the display simple. In a B2B sales setting, image is everything, so tidy up the desktop and make the desktop photo something professional. Make sure your sales app is easy to find, or even launch it before you head into the meeting. You don’€™t want to waste time trying to find it when the meeting has started.
  3. Make sure your iPad is ready to go. Don’€™t forget that your iPad is a sales tool, and in a B2B sales meeting, it’€™s likely that you might hand it around so your customers can look at your sales app themselves. Before your meeting, clean the case and screen so your iPad is in top condition. Make sure it’€™s fully charged before you go into the sales presentation as well.
  4. Don’€™t let it wobble. Make sure your iPad doesn’€™t flip its orientation from horizontal to vertical or vice-versa during your B2B sales presentation. Lock the orientation before the meeting.
  5. Be prepared. While sales apps can make sales meetings go smoothly, you still need to have your pitch down pat. Practice using your iPad as a sales tool and rehears your B2B sales presentation before your meeting. Practice transitioning between apps as necessary as well.
  6. Get closer. The iPad is smaller than a laptop and more intimate than a business presentation on a screen or whiteboard. Be ready for a different kind of selling experience, one that might require different strengths and skills than you’€™re used to. You may find that handing over the iPad and letting the customers control the B2B sales presentation themselves is a good way to get them involved in the process without looking over your shoulder too much.

Following these B2B sales tips can help your company take advantage of mobile technology. How does your company use the iPad as a sales tool?

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Using The Best iPad Business Apps To Grow Your Company

Knowing what to expect from the best iPad apps for business will help you decide on which ones are right for your company. There are so many available, it will take some time and research to pick out the best ones. As you decide with iPad business apps are right for you, keep in mind that there are some things you should expect to get out of using iPad apps for business. If your business apps aren’€™t doing these three things for your company, find new ones!

  • best ipad business appsYour employees should work more efficiently and productively with the best iPad business apps. The best apps are dedicated to taking care of administrative tasks quickly and easily, so your employees can focus on their work instead of busywork. With the wide variety of business apps available, you’€™ll find that your employees can streamline much of their administrative tasks in favor of their primary work. Other business apps foster communication and collaboration on projects. Even sales apps can help your employees work smarter and better. No matter what business apps you’€™re using, they should help your employees excel at what they do.
  • When your employees are more efficient, that can help your bottom line. The best iPad business apps can make a difference in how much money you save. Keep you employees trained on the business apps that your company uses to make sure they’€™re getting the most out of them. In addition, keep in mind that a mobile workforce can help save you money as well by reducing office, utilities and paper costs. Even a sales app like Padalog can help by reducing your printing and mailing costs.
  • Doing business on the iPad and using business apps will keep your company nimble as mobile technology changes. If you haven’€™t gotten on board with advances in mobile technology, now is the time to do it, before it’€™s too late. As more companies adapt to doing business on the iPad and taking advantage of mobile technology, it’€™s possible that your organization could be left behind. There are so many advantages available to doing business on the iPad, it’€™s important that you find options that work for you and your company.

What benefits has your company found from doing business on the iPad?

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Catalog Apps: A B2B Sales Tool

The world of B2B sales moves quickly. Making sure you have the latest in mobile technology can help keep your sales staff on top of client relations. One sales tool you may not have considered for B2B sales is a catalog app like Padalog. Many companies use a catalog app for B2C sales, but B2B sales can also profit greatly from the use of a catalog app. As a sales app that your staff can use on sales calls, catalog apps are becoming more attractive to a wide variety of companies.

catalog app b2bThe catalog app can change the way your sales people relate to B2B customers and how they sell your company. Here are some ways an iPad product catalog can be a big help in B2B sales.

  • An iPad catalog app offers a lot of flexibility when you’€™re talking with customers. Your sales staff will have all the information about your company at their fingertips in an easy-to-use app that can be shared with your B2B customers. By taking the place of your printed catalogs and brochures, an iPad catalog app can encompass all of your company literature in one sales app.
  • A killer B2B sales presentation can make or break a contract, and with an iPad catalog app, your sales people will be in a position to provide the best. Many companies are using catalog apps like Padalog in their sales presentations. The iPad product catalog can provide one-touch access to information, videos, searches and other features in an intuitive, customer-driven presentation that they’€™ll remember.
  • Tablet computers are rapidly becoming a go-to sales tool as they engage customers in new and exciting ways. Customers become involved in the B2B sales pitch as they use the iPads themselves to learn about your product or service. Companies that use iPads as sales tools are seen as hip and exciting, and your sales team will find that tablet computers make it easier to sell.
  • With a B2B sales app like Padalog, customers can download the app to their own devices and share it with others, effectively becoming brand ambassadors for your product or service. People share information on mobile devices all the time, and are used to learning about companies through branded apps.

The catalog app continues to grow as an appealing B2B sales tool. How does your company use a catalog app in B2B sales?

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